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Largest places in Jordan

The largest cities and places in Jordan at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Jordan.

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Largest places in Jordan
Amman Amman1.Amman Amman1,275,857
Zarqa Zarqa2.Zarqa Zarqa792,665
Irbid Irbid3.Irbid Irbid307,480
Russeifa Russeifa4.Zarqa Zarqa268,237
Wadi as Sir Wādī as Sīr5.Amman Amman181,212
'Ajlun ‘Ajlūn6.Ajlun Ajlun125,557
Aqaba Aqaba7.Aqaba Aqaba95,048
Madaba Mādabā8.Madaba Madaba82,335
As Salt As Salţ9.Balqa Balqa80,189
Ar Ramtha Ar Ramthā10.Irbid Irbid74,901
Mafraq Mafraq11.Mafraq Mafraq57,118
Ma'an Ma'an12.Ma'an Ma’an50,350
Al Jubayhah Al Jubayhah13.Amman Amman46,834
Sahab Saḩāb14.Amman Amman40,241
Al Quwaysimah Al Quwaysimah15.Amman Amman32,396
Jarash Jarash16.Jerash Jerash27,046
At Tafilah Aţ Ţafīlah17.Tafielah Tafielah25,429
`Izra ‘Izrā18.Karak Karak22,756
Qir Moav Qīr Moāv19.Ma'an Ma’an22,581
Karak City Karak City20.Karak Karak21,678
Judita Judita21.Irbid Irbid20,000
Aydun Aydūn22.Irbid Irbid18,376
Umm as Summaq Umm as Summāq23.Amman Amman18,274
Kurayyimah Kurayyimah24.Irbid Irbid17,837
`Anjarah ‘Anjarah25.Ajlun Ajlun17,634
Safi Safi26.Karak Karak15,200
Al Azraq ash Shamali Al Azraq ash Shamālī27.Zarqa Zarqa14,800
At Turrah Aţ Ţurrah28.Irbid Irbid14,619
Petra Petra29.Ma'an Ma’an14,000
Suf Sūf30.Jerash Jerash12,942
At Tayyibah Aţ Ţayyibah31.Irbid Irbid12,615
Ash Shajarah Ash Shajarah32.Irbid Irbid11,243
Jawa Jāwā33.Amman Amman10,628
Sakhrah Şakhrah34.Ajlun Ajlun10,616
Sakib Sākib35.Ajlun Ajlun10,470
`Ayn Jannah ‘Ayn Jannah36.Ajlun Ajlun9,586
Al Karamah Al Karāmah37.Balqa Balqa9,384
Al Mazar al Janubi Al Mazār al Janūbī38.Karak Karak9,383
Samma Şammā39.Irbid Irbid8,926
Kafr Asad Kafr Asad40.Irbid Irbid8,203
Bayt Yafa Bayt Yāfā41.Irbid Irbid7,788
Al Quwayrah Al Quwayrah42.Ma'an Ma’an7,372
`Ayy ‘Ayy43.Karak Karak7,340
Busayra Buşayrā44.Tafielah Tafielah7,154
Kafr Sawm Kafr Sawm45.Irbid Irbid7,152
Hakama Ḩakamā46.Irbid Irbid7,075
Sal Sāl47.Irbid Irbid6,896
Malka Malkā48.Irbid Irbid6,856
Kafr Abil Kafr Abīl49.Irbid Irbid6,333
Dayr Yusuf Dayr Yūsuf50.Irbid Irbid6,223

1 - 50 of 83 places
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